Thoughts on the Weekend, Week 10

Week 10 brought us college football fans some of the action that we had been craving for most of the month of October. The nation’s #1 team lost for the first time since September. The SEC featured a clash of titans that separated a contender from a pretender. And one of the little guy powers even had their BCS hopes shattered in perhaps not so surprising fashion.

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Wednesday Weekend Primer, Week 9

As we move later into the season you find that the highly rated teams are usually there because they have avoided other highly rated teams. Well, starting with this week we will see a dearth of highly rated teams begin to play each other as the cream of the crop really starts to rise to the top. The Wednesday Weekend Primer makes its triumphant return this week, and just in time for some great matchups.

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Thoughts on the Weekend, Week 8

Week 8 of the college football season didn’t feature the upsets that we all love, especially in the top 10, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to glean from it. The #1 team faced a test at home coming off of an emotional game, points were put up in Conference USA like it was Arena League, and the little guy darling went down hard on Thursday night.

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