Five Little Guy Programs to Watch

I’m going to begin my look at the 2009 college football season in the same place I started the 2008 previews last year – with the little guys.  The little guys are the teams outside of the 6 major conferences that operate by a different set of rules than the rest of Division I college football.  No Little Guy has ever competed in a BCS national championship game and it takes a monumental season, one where going undefeated might not even be enough, for them to even crack into the second tier BCS bowls.  However there are a handful of Little Guy teams every year who make a whole bunch of noise and give the nation hope that they’ll crash the BCS title game and start college football down the road to a playoff.

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the little guys

Some might find it offensive that the ‘non BCS’ conferences are all lumped together and looked down upon nationwide, but that’s just the unfortunate reality of Division I college football these days. Teams from the WAC, MAC, and every other –AC ultimately serve as no more than non conference filler for the big boys. However, every once in a while a few teams rise up from the ranks of the little guys and socks one to one of those big, bad BCS schools. In the new age of parity in college football it seems those little guy schools are perpetually gaining on the name schools (an issue worthy of several posts itself), and this year is no different. Here is a quartet of teams from the little guy conferences who look to make waves this year.

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