The Triumphant Return

Well after more than a month off I figure it’s about time to get back in the saddle and put some stuff up on the blog. The wedding was awesome and the honeymoon was even better, but unfortunately the end result was me being mostly out of touch with the sports world for most of November. Never fear though as I have plenty of thoughts to share and reflect as the football season winds down and basketball starts to gear up.

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Thoughts on the Weekend, Week 7

For all of the drama and excitement that last week lacked, I think this past weekend definitely made up for it. We saw probably the best game of the year so far, a top 5 team go down at home in primetime, and a couple more little guy schools continue their undefeated run. The best part? In the aftermath there is still some colossal matchups coming down the pike.

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Wednesday Weekend Primer, Week 6, er 7

Week 6 7 comes upon us and the games are starting to get pretty interesting. As the season wears on and pretenders drop by the wayside it becomes inevitable that those at the top will eventually have to play each other. Sure, it’s nice for the Big 12 that they have 4 teams in the top 10 but eventually 3 of those teams have to play each other. The same goes for most of the SEC teams you see at the top of the polls. Week 6 gives us an excellent chance to see several highly touted teams clash in an ultimate contender/pretender separation.

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