Week 8 Heisman Ballot

Just like last week, this week’s Heisman ballot features many changes. It still remains quarterback heavy, but there is a new leader and an old leader has fallen off the map entirely. There is also a face inside that many don’t seem to realize is even playing college football. Find out who’s making a case and who’s falling behind as we head toward the part of the season where legends are made.

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Week 6 Heisman Ballot

Perhaps I’ve been putting “Clearinghouse Chaos” on too many of my posts, so I’m going to distinguish my Heisman Ballots in the extremely creative way of attaching the current week to the title. As I noted in yesterday’s thoughts on the weekend there wasn’t a whole lot of exciting action and with such little action among the polls there was also very little action among the Heisman favorites.

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