08-14-09: Links

  • The biggest news in today’s links involves the first bit of bowl shuffling for the 2010 season.  The Alamo Bowl seems ready to up their payday to essentially replace the Holiday Bowl and the Big 10, free agents from the Alamo Bowl looking elsewhere, appear ready to ink a deal with the Gator Bowl themselves.  The aforementioned Gator Bowl deal means the Big East needs to find a new bowl themselves, and they appear to be close to a deal.
  • In a brilliant display of the stupidity that the NCAA so often shows, and for which this blog is named, Southeast Missouri State has committed institutional violations so severe that 2 year’s worth of men’s basketball games were vacated and the head coach was fired.  Once again the NCAA comes down ultra hard on a school nobody cares about while other schools skate by for far more serious acts.
  • Since we are in an abbreviated Little Guy week, I wanted to give you guys some weekend reading on a few Little Guy schools courtesy of SBNation.  First off is the sites for Boise State, Utah, and BYU (all featured in yesterday’s Five Little Guy Programs to Watch).  And if that’s not enough for you, check out Mid-Major Madness, an excellent source for your Little Guy news.
  • In circling the major media outlets, it appears that ESPN has released their Preseason All-America team.
  • In injury news (is there any other kind during fall camp) it appears Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson has been nursing a “slight pull in his lower leg” – whatever that means.  He hasn’t practiced in 5 days and won’t play in the Cowboys’ first scrimmage tomorrow.
  • In an interesting hoops story, San Diego prep star Jeremey Tyler will be the first guy to foregoe his senior season to get paid overseas and in turn become eligible for the NBA draft at 19.  More power to him I say, even if he sucks or gets hurt he still gets one payday.

Five Little Guy Programs to Watch

I’m going to begin my look at the 2009 college football season in the same place I started the 2008 previews last year – with the little guys.  The little guys are the teams outside of the 6 major conferences that operate by a different set of rules than the rest of Division I college football.  No Little Guy has ever competed in a BCS national championship game and it takes a monumental season, one where going undefeated might not even be enough, for them to even crack into the second tier BCS bowls.  However there are a handful of Little Guy teams every year who make a whole bunch of noise and give the nation hope that they’ll crash the BCS title game and start college football down the road to a playoff.

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08-13-09: Links

One of the daily features of the new Clearinghosue Chaos will be a Links post.  Every day, ideally in the morning to kick start your college sports day, I’ll put up a section of links that any collegiate fan would be interested in and/or should take a look at.

Without further adieu.

  • Rivals.com has been counting down all 120 teams in college football and finally arrived at #1 today.  The team shouldn’t surprise anybody, but it’s a pretty good writeup.  Feel free to browse the rest of the list to see where they have your favorite team.
  • Along the same lines, Rivals is also counting down the top 100 players in college football.  On the brink of the top 20, look for some familiar names to start popping up.
  • Moving to the Worldwide Leader, ESPN has put out a way too early Heisman Watch.  I’m not a fan of top 25 polls before October and the same generally goes for Heisman lists, but it’s still interesting to check out nonetheless.
  • Virginia Tech running back Darren Evans is out for the year after suffering an ACL tear in practice.  I really hate to see players go down for the year during fall camp, but hopefully the Hokies can recover and find another back to try and keep the pressure off of Tyrod Taylor.
  • Since I like to kick things off with the Little Guys every year, CBS has a good Conference USA preview up.  If you’re a fan of offense this is definitely a conference to keep an eye on despite their lack of BCS worthy teams.
  • Also at CBS, Dennis Dodd has a good article on how Robert Griffin hopes to end Baylor’s bowl-less streak.  Griffin is one of those playmakers that can keep any team in a game and the kind of talent that a program can use to ease back into respectability.
  • Though it isn’t related to college sports in any way, Tiger Woods came out firing today in the PGA Championship.  Who knows if he’ll keep it up, but things certainly are more interesting when Tiger is in contention, save for another Tom Watson story happening at Hazeltine.

Coming Back

After a long, long time off I’ve decided to revive this thing from the dead.  I am going to be starting up with regular Monday-Friday content updates and I have a much better plan to keep this thing going over the long haul.  I even will be purchasing a domain and will start hosting this blog myself in an effort to possibly generate some revenue that I can use to make the Clearinghouse Chaos experience that much better.

So stay tuned and tell all of your friends.  Look for regular updates to begin next week.