The Triumphant Return

Well after more than a month off I figure it’s about time to get back in the saddle and put some stuff up on the blog. The wedding was awesome and the honeymoon was even better, but unfortunately the end result was me being mostly out of touch with the sports world for most of November. Never fear though as I have plenty of thoughts to share and reflect as the football season winds down and basketball starts to gear up.

Sam Bradford leads the Sooners into the title game to take on Florida

Sam Bradford leads the Sooners into the title game to take on Florida

Oklahoma/Florida for the championship game. I think this is the right matchup as it features the champions from what are clearly college football’s two best conferences this year. Fair or not this game will likely settle the Big 12/SEC debate of 2008. USC, Utah and Penn State have some claims to make about getting left out but unfortunately only two teams have a shot at the national title as college football stands today.

If I had a vote in the poll right now though I would have put Texas #2 ahead of Florida. Texas has a far better list of wins and their only loss came at the last second on the road to another top 10 team. Florida has a great season ending victory over Alabama (who didn’t really beat anybody of great caliber all year) but they lost at home to an 8-4 Ole Miss team. Texas deserved the Big 12 title game over Oklahoma and Tech but got snubbed two weeks ago. While I would have voted them #2 I do think that they shouldn’t be playing in the national title game. Texas/Oklahoma was already played once this year and it shouldn’t be repeated in the national title game.

College basketball season is just starting to get under way and hopefully I can educate myself enough to put forth some quality information about the roundball. I don’t claim to be nearly as big of a basketball fan as a football fan, and in turn I know much less on a national scale about who’s good and who’s not. I guess if I want this blog to be very well rounded though I’ll have to step up my b-ball game so things don’t become dull while the gridirons are silent. This shouldn’t be too terribly hard as my general lack of knowledge for hoops isn’t due to lack of interest but rather just a general lack of watching. March Madness is in fact my favorite sporting event of the year.

Looking ahead to tomorrow I have lined up a special treat. I have spent the past few weeks hashing out my idea of a 16 team college football playoff. It is finally finished and I will unveil it tomorrow in a five part series beginning at 8am central. I’ve had the rough draft in my head for about five years and now it’s finally fleshed out. Be sure to check back early and often tomorrow as each part will be unveiled two hours after the one before it. I’ve worked pretty hard on this thing and I’m really looking forward to finally getting it out for the public to see.

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