College Football Playoff Discussion Thread

I mentioned in the fifth and final part that I would put up a discussion post so as to attempt to consolidate things as much as possible.  I’d love to hear feedback from you readers about whether my plan sucks, is awesome, or if it’s simply mediocre.  Feel free to post comments about the plan in general here and hopefully we can get a nice forum going.

College Football Playoff Part Five: The Money

The fifth, and final, part of the CCCFPP is perhaps the most crucial part. Unfortunately I’m not even remotely privy to enough information to form concrete ideas about how to make things work from the money perspective. After all, the playoff idea hinges on it being financially feasible from all aspects. While most of the ideas I have for this part are admittedly vague, you’ll find that everything seems to work out at least in theory inside.

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College Football Playoff Part Four: The Playoff

In part three of the CCCFPP I laid out how the regular season would go and how the bracket and participants would be determined. Now we come to the part that everybody is waiting for, the actual playoff. When do the games get played? Where are they played? What about everybody else? All of those questions are answered after the jump.

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College Football Playoff Part Three: The Regular Season

In parts one and two of the CCCFP I laid out some realignment steps that would help to eliminate the disparity between conferences who play championship games and those who do not. Just a few simple moves, and if one was willing to get radical a few more, would level the playing field for every team in America. Add in some radical moves and things are even more level across the board. But how and when would those teams play their games? Part three deals with the layout of the season.

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College Fooball Playoff Part Two: This Time It’s Radical

My first part in a five part series dealt with the inequality between major BCS conferences and the lack of a uniform composition between them. I proposed a method of realignment that I think would be fairly painless and, as far as these things go, pretty easy to implement. However there are some more changes that I think would make things even better, but would require some realignment that would be fairly radical.

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College Football Playoff Part One: (not so)Radical Realignment

It is of the opinion of many that college football needs to establish some sort of playoff system, and I happen to hold that opinion myself. However while many think that a playoff system is necessary, very few have any actual idea of how it should work. This is where I become different than most other people, because I have an idea that has been in my head for a couple of years that I think will work very well. The only catch is that it is fairly complex, and the first part of a five part series is inside.

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The Triumphant Return

Well after more than a month off I figure it’s about time to get back in the saddle and put some stuff up on the blog. The wedding was awesome and the honeymoon was even better, but unfortunately the end result was me being mostly out of touch with the sports world for most of November. Never fear though as I have plenty of thoughts to share and reflect as the football season winds down and basketball starts to gear up.

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