Week 9 Heisman Ballot

It’s amazing how life can get in the way of things. Yesterday ended up being very busy for me, as the final days leading up to any wedding can be, so I didn’t get to my Heisman ballot like I had hoped. Thanks to an incredible performance in a huge game, and a lackluster performance by last week’s leader, there’s a new name at the top. How does the rest of the top 5 shake out? Find out inside.

Colt McCoy has played his way back to the top of my Heisman ballot

Colt McCoy has played his way back to the top of my Heisman ballot

1. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

The Texas Longhorns continued with phase 3 of their incredibly tough midseason schedule last week and dispatched a feisty Oklahoma State team. The main reason for their success, and the reason why they are in the driver’s seat for the national title, is Colt McCoy. Texas faced by far their toughest test of the season in week 9 and McCoy came though when his team needed it most – directly contributing to three out of the four touchdowns put up by the Horn offense. Consider that he had the type of game yardage wise that he has lacked all year (391 yards) and managed to somehow improve upon his 81% completion percentage and I just can’t keep him behind Bradford anymore. For the year McCoy is still only 12th in the country in passing yards per game, but his 4 interceptions against 21 touchdowns are among the best of any quarterback in the country. To that point his efficiency rating is second in the country behind only David Johnson.

2. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Bradford had, for probably the first time all year, an off day against K-State as he only completed 40% of his passes for 255 yards. He did throw in 3 touchdowns and didn’t throw any interceptions, but the 40% completion percentage was a bad enough day to knock him from the top spot considering McCoy’s outstanding day against a much tougher opponent. However the fall for Bradford wasn’t that steep due to his still excellent overall numbers including 2,775 passing yards, 29 touchdowns to just 5 interceptions, and his third in the nation 185.87 quarterback efficiency rating. He’s still close enough that he could capitalize if McCoy has an off day this weekend against Texas Tech or anywhere else down the line, but another day completing less than 50% of his passes might be enough to end it with the year that Colt McCoy is putting up in Austin.

3. Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech

Harrell moves up a spot in much the same way that his Lone Star State quarterback counterpart Colt McCoy did – through a combination of an excellent game of his own and a subpar game from the man in front of him. Also worthy of note is that Harrell makes it a clean sweep of Big 12 quarterbacks occupying the top 3 spots on my ballot this week. Harrell might only be Honorable Mention all Big 12 at the end of the year, and yet still might get an invite to New York for the ceremony. As for Harrell’s actual candidacy he tossed in another ho-hum 386 yards and 5 touchdowns in a 62-21 rout of Kansas, and for the fifth week in a row completed more than 74.5% of his passes. He now leads the nation in passing yards (3,147) and is third in the nation in touchdown passes (28). Say what you will about him being a system QB who’s numbers should be discredited because of it, but putting up 400 yards in every single game while completing 71% of your passes is pretty good no matter what system you’re playing in.

4. David Johnson, QB, Tulsa

Johnson had an excellent chance on Sunday night to put on an impressive performance in front of the voters on national TV. Needless to say he didn’t exactly seize that opportunity by only completing 17 of 27 passes for 264 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. It’s not that he had a particularly poor game, or that he didn’t put his team in a position to remain undefeated, but for a little guy player to rise up and win the Heisman he has to be nearly perfect every single week – especially when the nation is watching. Despite the mediocre performance I can’t drop him too far because he continues to lead the nation in touchdowns (32), quarterback efficiency rating (205.33), yards per attempt (11.7), and is still in the top 5 in passing yards (2,661).

In the battle for best running back in the country, give me Donald Brown over Javon Ringer any day

In the battle for best running back in the country, give me Donald Brown over Javon Ringer any day

5. Donald Brown, RB, UConn

Donald Brown continues to occupy the weekly “not a quarterback” fifth spot by leading the country in rushing yards per game by averaging over 165 each time out. The only thing keeping him from leading the nation in rushing yards overall, and he’s only 49 behind Ringer here, is that he’s played in one less game. Once Ringer has a bye and Brown doesn’t the overall rushing lead will change hands and likely for good. But as if it’s not enough to be leading the country in yards per game, Brown is also second in the nation with 14 touchdowns through the ground. If UConn was a better team or played in one of the more glamorous conferences he would be getting the attention that Ringer is right now. Instead he languishes largely unnoticed despite averaging 5.63 yards a carry.

On the bubble this week:

Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

Daniel had an excellent rebound game, albeit against Colorado, by putting up 302 yards and 5 touchdowns on only 6 incompletions. Numbers like that are what made him an early Heisman frontrunner and it’ll take another 4 weeks of numbers like that – or better – for him to climb back into the race.

Tyrel Fenroy, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette

Fenroy continues to keep my eye as he put up 128 yards and a touchdown last week against Arkansas State. His absurd 7.46 yards per carry will keep him on the edge of my radar.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

Moreno was on many Heisman lists early in the year but a bad game against Alabama dropped him off the radar. After a good game against Tennessee and two spectacular games against Vanderbilt and LSU he’s back in the race.

Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

Maclin is the second Tiger on the bubble this week as he is leading the nation with 193 all purpose yards per game. Being just outside the top 10 in total yards with 9 total touchdowns adds to his case even more.

Jarett Dillard, WR, Rice

Dillard leads all receivers with 14 touchdowns through the air and is in the top 5 in both total receiving yards and yards per game. His 4 catch, 41 yard performance against Tulane will be his only mulligan for the year if he hopes to contend more seriously.

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  1. I just had to comment on Dillard’s presence on this list since I’ve been covering Rice Football most of the season. He probably deserves a lot more respect than he is getting, as does the entire Rice team. I would also consider putting James Casey, the other Top 10 receiver on the Owls squad, and Chase Clement, the QB who made it possible in the mix here. Granted they probably don’t carry as much weight, but in they should be in consideration for post-season awards. Also Clement is doing slightly better than Johnson from Tulsa, granted he ends up on his back more, but he has thrown the ball to the guys trying to tackle him less-often than Johnson.

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