Wednesday Weekend Primer, Week 9

As we move later into the season you find that the highly rated teams are usually there because they have avoided other highly rated teams. Well, starting with this week we will see a dearth of highly rated teams begin to play each other as the cream of the crop really starts to rise to the top. The Wednesday Weekend Primer makes its triumphant return this week, and just in time for some great matchups.

#8 Texas Tech @ #23 Kansas, 12 PM ET, ESPN

Mark Mangino, coming off of last year's Orange Bowl appearance, hopes to secure a signature victory for his program

Mark Mangino, coming off of last year's Orange Bowl appearance, hopes to secure a signature win for his program

Texas Tech, the seemingly consensus most overrated team in America, travels outside the state of Texas for the first time this year to take on a scrappy Jayhawk team. Little Todd Reesing and company didn’t fare so well last week, but that was in Norman. Returning home this week Kansas and the fighting Manginos have a chance to make a statement both on the behalf of their program and for the whole Big 12 North. Texas Tech meanwhile looks to put the first decent win on their resume and, simply by winning no matter how ugly or who they beat, continue to stay in the thick of things at the top of college football.

#6 Oklahoma State @ #1 Texas, 3:30 PM ET, ABC

For the third week in a row Texas is involved in what is probably the biggest game of the week. Hot off of dismantling Missouri last week at home the ‘Horns don’t get a second to catch their breath as yet another top 10 foe comes to Austin to try their hand at escaping with a win. Oklahoma State is probably the biggest surprise story in college football this year and has gone from unranked to the verge of the top 5 in just over two months. A win here would officially put both spots in the national title game out there for anybody to grab, including themselves. A Texas win would be just another ho-hum victory over a top 10 opponent (they have another one next week in a trip to Lubbock). What Mack Brown has his bunch doing while navigating the toughest stretch of schedule you’ll find of any team in the country is incredibly impressive to say the least.

#7 Georgia @ #13 LSU, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

It’s been a couple of weeks since a clash of the Titans in the SEC but that ends this week as Georgia travels to Death Valley to take on LSU. Both teams have a loss on the year and the loser of this game will likely have their national title hopes dashed. LSU will need a much better effort this week against the Bulldogs if they are to pull out the upset. Georgia is in much better position to take a loss with respect to the conference standings since they’d only be a game behind Florida with the Cocktail Party still to go. LSU meanwhile would fall two games behind Alabama with a fairly soft schedule ahead for the Tide. It’s too bad this game isn’t at night because as a viewer it’s tough to top watching a night game at Tiger Stadium.

Daryll Clark can do a lot to secure a BCS title berth for Penn State this weekend against The Vest

Daryll Clark can do a lot to secure a BCS title berth for Penn State this weekend against The Vest

#3 Penn State @ #9 Ohio State, 8 PM ET, ABC

If there was a game this week that could rival Oklahoma State@Texas, it’s this one. Granted, it is a Big 10 game so the excitement factor takes a bit of a hit there. However if there’s a school in the Big 10 that’s worth watching it’s Penn State. Daryll Clark is one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the country and is exciting to watch. Evan Royster, PSU’s tailback, has rushed for nearly 900 yards and is averaging 7.7 yards every time Clark hands him the ball. Ohio State, the team everybody loves to hate on due to their laying an egg in consecutive national championship games, is suddenly lurking around there ready to pounce on other teams as they lose to finish the end of the year while the Buckeyes sit at home and move up in the rankings. A win here would almost assure them a final top 5 ranking with a relatively weak schedule up ahead.

UCF @ #19 Tulsa, SUN 8 PM ET, ESPN

This game is one you should watch not because it features a pair of heavyweights going at it, but rather you should watch it to see for yourself if the numbers speak the truth about a certain Golden Hurricane QB. David Johnson has become my personal crusade on this blog because of the excellent numbers he’s been putting up, but to be honest I haven’t really had the chance to see him much in person. Hopefully Johnson has a bit of a coming out party and will finally start to garner some of the deserved national attention he isn’t getting. Of course there’s also the storyline of a little guy school trying to bust the BCS by going 12-0, a feat of which they are more than halfway toward accomplishing.

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