Clearinghouse Chaos Heisman Ballot v2.0

Who knows how long I’ll be able to come up with catchy ways to distinguish my Heisman ballot every week, but for now I’ll just throw out something random. Perhaps simply “Clearinghouse Chaos Heisman Ballot” will suffice since it only comes out once a week. Anywho, this week’s ballot is really heavy on quarterbacks, especially those from the Big 12, and it features a change at the top as well.

1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Bradford tops my list over Daniel this week thanks to his outstanding performance last week against TCU. Throwing for 411 yards and 4 touchdowns against a decent opponent is enough for him to wrestle the top spot this week due to Daniel being off and not being able to make an impression. However it should also be noted that despite putting up gaudy yardage and touchdown numbers his completion percentage was a paltry 56%. I’m a sucker for efficiency from the quarterback position and even though his efficiency rating was 196.24 if he is to keep pace with the other quarterback around the country he’ll have to shore up his completion percentage well into the 60’s, if not the 70’s the way these guys are slinging the ball.

2. Chase Daniel, QB, Missouri

Daniel and his Tigers sure picked a good week to have a bye, although not playing also meant that he didn’t have a chance to make an impression on voters this week. Of course not playing also meant he didn’t have the opportunity to ruin his chances a la Knowshon Moreno and Mark Sanchez. Not much to say here except that his 1412 yards, 76% completion percentage, 12 touchdowns, and 193.40 efficiency rating on the year all are top 10 in the nation in their respective categories. His resume is one that is exceptionally strong in nearly every facet and while he doesn’t lead the nation in any one category it is his ability to be near the top in so many that will make him a staple near the top of anybody’s ballot.

3. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

McCoy joins my ballot after being totally overlooked in last week’s version. While the Longhorns have played relatively weak competition to date, completing 80% of your passes (that’s not a typo either) against tackling dummies is pretty good. Colt has just barely over 1,000 yards but he’s also only attempted 100 passes on the year. I suspect his numbers have taken a bit of a hit due to some early exits in UT’s blowouts. I said before that I’m a sucker for efficient quarterbacks and on top of completing 80% of his passes McCoy has an exceptional 14:1 TD:Int ratio and boasts the second best efficiency rating of any QB in the nation at 209.71. Jumping Bradford and Daniel will be tough to do, but I think McCoy has put himself in a position to legitimately seize one of the top two spots of one of the guys ahead of him falters, so long as he continues to put up such good numbers.

4. Donald Brown, RB, UConn

Brown leads the nation in rushing at 906 yards and a whopping 181 yards per game. I have him on my list this week over Javon Ringer, who has similar raw numbers, because he is putting up these numbers on just a tick more than 29 carries a game whereas Ringer is getting a whopping 37 carries a game. His 11 touchdowns still continue to trail only Ringer by 1 on the national level and, much like Daniel, it is his ability to be one of the best in the country on in multiple aspects of his game that put him in the fourth spot on my list. If Brown continues to near and top 200 yards a game as Big East play rolls around he just might be able to challenge the quarterbacks at the top of my list.

5. Max Hall, QB, BYU

Hall, like Daniel, took the week off as the Cougars geared up for conference play. His numbers are still outstanding and it helps that he’s leading the best hope from the little guy conferences to play BCS crasher. Of course now that BYU is a top 10 team they will surely be more than just a crasher if they manage to navigate Mountain West play undefeated. Unlike his BCS conference counterparts, who will maintain their frontrunner candidacy even with a slight downturn in numbers, Hall will have to continue to put up 350 yards and 3 touchdowns every single time out while completing 70-75% of his passes. Anything less and he simply won’t have the ammo it takes for somebody from a little guy conference to actually win college football’s most coveted award. I’m not going to count him out until he actually fails to do it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he couldn’t continue to put up the necessaries to stay on the short list.

On the bubble:

-Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

Moreno might be on here because of name alone, but he is third in the nation with 10 touchdowns. He’s talented enough to rebound from last week’s disaster so I won’t bump him off of the bubble just yet.

-Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan State

Ringer is a workhorse like none other in the country, but I’m going to have to see him put up gaudy numbers when he’s not getting the rock 40 times a game. His 4.8 yards per carry isn’t even in the top 100 of runners in the country.

-David Johnson, QB, Tulsa

Johnson continues to put up video game numbers with 376 yards per game and 19 touchdowns on the year. The amazing part: he’s attempting less than 30 passes a game.

-Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina

Tate is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the country, averaging over 24 yards every time he touches the ball. He may only be averaging 90 yards a game, but he’s doing that on 3.5 receptions a game as well.

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